stokvel meeting agenda

1. prepare time to meet your club or the people you start the stokvel with. together, these principles define the premise of the stokvel group. this document is a series of guidelines that a stokvel group can use to establish its own constitution. this is an investment stokvel whose sole mandate is to buy assets in the campaigns of funds. • in the event of closure of the stokvel, all additional funds and assets of the stokvel are distributed among the members according to the contributory value of each member to the stokvel. • after the closure of the stokvel, stokfella will take this as the final instruction to close the quick access account on the 3pim etf system on behalf of the stokvel group. • if a member does not comply with the rules set by this constitution, he is withdrawn from the stokvel and the benefits are paid after 5 years since the creation of the group.