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security checklist template is a security checklist sample that gives infomration on security checklist design and format. when designing security checklist example, it is important to consider security checklist template style, design, color and theme. taking action to personally ensure computer security helps protect everyone from data and identity theft, viruses, hackers, and other abuses. virus writers use downloadable screensavers and other files to infiltrate computer systems. email and instant messaging are major vehicles for viruses. avoid this problem by viewing email messages individually, rather than in a previewing pane. to toggle the preview pane in microsoft outlook, click view»previewpane. phishers can make fake email links that: change the security settings on your browser to “high,” and adjust downward as necessary for your internet use.

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the “high” security setting may prevent some web sites from functioning properly, so use the highest setting that still allows for effective web browsing. securely store the copies out of sight and under lock and key. a firewall is a hardware or software barrier designed to prevent unauthorized network activity. spam is the common term for unsolicited email and instant messages. for answers to questions regarding spam at purdue on purdue machines, email for windows patches and updates, browse to . if you are leaving for an extended period (a weekend, for example), turn the computer off.