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server installation checklist template is a server installation checklist sample that gives infomration on server installation checklist design and format. when designing server installation checklist example, it is important to consider server installation checklist template style, design, color and theme. this list, as it sounds is more a less a set of rules and guidelines that will be used when standing up new servers. i have looked around and haven’t really found out any industry standard or really any sort of consistency between the lists. a.    if server is placed in existing ad server ou then gpo will ensure appropriate event logs are created. log audit event for create, read, update and delete events of protected information,                                 v.    log audit event for management activities including system startup/shutdown and security policy changes. have things like your logging clients/management setup here, as well as anything else you do to every server of that os 3. documentation – write up how-tos for whatever is setup on the server, make sure the previous checklists are actually completed one other note: gpos shouldn’t need to be touched for each server, as long as the computer object is in the right security groups and ou, you should be able to leave it alone. so based off of the responses i believe there is no standard for creating a server correct? i appreciate all of the feedback anyway and i will take all of your pieces of advice and be sure that they are added to my checklist. your daily dose of tech news, in brief.

server installation checklist format

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