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server maintenance checklist template is a server maintenance checklist sample that gives infomration on server maintenance checklist design and format. when designing server maintenance checklist example, it is important to consider server maintenance checklist template style, design, color and theme. simple maintenance and monitoring can often prevent a server failure from turning into a server disaster. we monitor, review and maintain things 24/7, but if you are managing your own server, here are twelve items that should be part of your server maintenance checklist. you may even want to run some test recoveries if you are going to delete critical data. if your partition reaches 100%, your server may stop responding, database tables can corrupt and data may be lost. more importantly, you should be monitoring your raid status. at rackaid, we either use providers that monitor our raid for us or we have setup direct raid monitoring. this is why we use automated patch management tools and have monitoring in place to alert us when a system is out of date. if you cannot automate your updates, then create a schedule to update your system.

server maintenance checklist format

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if you are using a hosting or server control panel, be sure to update it as well. if your server is co-located or with a dedicated server provider, you will want to check that your remote management tools work. you may want to review the logs for any signs of hardware problems. if you are nearing limits, you may need to plan on adding resources to your server or migrating to a new one. depending on your service contracts, you may not have the right to retain a client’s data after they have terminated services. also, you may want to revisit the 10 immutable laws of security administration. as part of our management services, we monitor over a dozen server health metrics. we don’t have to stop and apply six months of os updates to see if a known bug is the issue. that works well for a few severs, but once you have dozens of systems to manage, you can miss things.