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i love this holiday because it’s a day when everyone puts on a green shirt and voila! it’s such a fun way for us all to come together and be unified in celebration just for a little while. shamrocks, three leaf clovers, are the iconic world-wide symbol of st. patrick’s day and all things irish. these shamrock templates are perfect for crafts, stencils, cut-outs, and coloring. keep scrolling to get your own shamrock cut-outs in small, medium, and large sizes.

*by the way, this post may contain affiliate links which means i may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if an item is purchase through that link. in him you are also being build together into a dwelling place for god by the spirit (holy spirit).’ – ephesians 2:20-22 you’ve just made your very own magical leprechaun wand to use for the holiday. it’s perfect for imaginative play with your little princess or as part of a st. patrick’s day party costume. however you decide to use these shamrock cut-outs, have a happy st. patrick’s day filled with the magic of creativity and imagination! we will certainly be enjoying our holiday and covering the house in fun shamrock decorations with these templates for days to come. i have two little tiny humans who are the light of my world and we love to craft.

this st. patrick’s day, use these no prep shamrock writing templates to have your students 58 large templates for writing, drawing, journals, class books, and crafts – b/w. this is a set o black and white 2.58m ratings. download. writing templates with lines primary dashed writing paper with 1 lines student handouts, , shamrock template, shamrock template, teachers pay teachers.

these free printable shamrock templates are perfect in any st. patrick’s day craft! prints are in a perfect template for a quick st. patrick’s day writing! print on green paper and cut them out (or have students cut a set of lovely shamrock templates, perfect for any st patrick’s day activity / activities!,

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