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meetings take time and coordination and are famous for inefficiency. let’s look at some ways slack can help you when it comes to meetings. even if you limit each update to 60 or 90 seconds, it can be hard for the facilitator to enforce and prevent discussion creep. schedule a 30-minute slot and assign the brainstorm to a channel (you may want to create a new channel if your existing channels have lots of participants you might drown out). the best part of conducting any meeting in slack is that when time is up, you’ll have an entire written record of the session that can be reviewed by others and pasted or organized into any other documents.

this is another common way a slack discussion can take the place of meetings, saving everyone some time and trouble. it lets you message a bot to help you figure out when to propose meetings, find the best open times on the schedules of all your invitees, and let everyone vote on the available options for a meeting. this means you can have two people talking to each other, with each person’s own mouse controlling a pointer, along with the ability to interact with elements on a shared screen. when teams communicate in well-organized slack channels, you can read a single project- or team-focused channel and see regular status updates, read feedback on the work, and stay up to date on any delays. but other times, it’s not worth taking hundreds of highly paid people away from their desks and into a room to hear about, say, new health-care or retirement plans. frequent and regular updates of more mundane company information can easily be shared in your company announcements slack channel that everyone is likely to see.

by creating a workflow that runs before a team meeting on a recurring basis and posts the team meeting agenda to a selected channel, your team will be able every good meeting should have an agenda, and apps like meetnotes can help you formalize that in your office. using an app like this, any attendee can view the collaborate on meeting agendas, respond to feedback, and prepare for your day without ever leaving slack., slack meeting agenda app, slack meeting agenda app, slack meeting status, slack meeting notes, slack meeting url.

level-up your meeting habits with fellow and slack. collaborate on meeting agendas, share meeting notes, and exchange feedback – right inside of slack. quickly start a meeting with someone by typing “meeting [@name]”; invite an entire team by typing “/invite @soapboxbot”. add agenda items to one streamline your communication and keep information flowing efficiently. with the hypercontext slack bot you can add agenda items to your meetings from slack., slack meeting link, slack meeting app.

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