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for remote managers, making sure that every meeting is an effective use of everyone’s time is extremely important because you don’t have the luxury of sitting in front of your employee for 8 hours a day. when you and your direct reports have ownership of the meeting, one-to-ones move away from being a one-sided conversation to a two-way dialogue. “in a remote team, where you can’t just chat waiting while the coffee machine has blue-screened and is rebooting, it’s really important to maintain these relationship channels on a regular basis.”  by preparing an agenda leading up to your one-to-one, you’ll be able to look at everything both you and your direct report would like to discuss and prioritize accordingly. all in all, a shared agenda for your one-to-one meeting will allow you and your direct report to show up ready for every meeting.

for starters, you can go the bare bones route and message a list of agenda items to your direct report before your meeting. hypercontext is a one-to-one and team meeting agenda tool, which enables you to build your meeting agenda without ever leaving slack. hypercontext will also prompt your direct reports to add items to the agenda between meetings, enabling them to contribute and take ownership of your one-to-one! they even give you the option to choose between voice, text, or video call for your conversation, and come with a host of integrations to make managing your meeting simpler. with the steps above and a combination of hypercontext and mio, you’ll be able to eliminate the gaps in your one-to-one meetings once and for all.

customize the fellow step by selecting a meeting, and the channel that the notes should be posted in. with meeting notes posted to slack, teams can feel more comfortable including only the most essential people into each meetings as more removed stakeholders 4. hypercontext the hypercontext slack app lets you create and share meeting agendas, goals, and notes. instead of relying on screen sharing (, slack meeting notes app, slack meeting notes app, slack meeting url, slack notes, slack meeting agenda.

use a slack announcement to share the agenda of a meeting and make sure people are prepared: @here will notify active members of your channel, @ streamline your communication and keep information flowing efficiently. with the hypercontext slack bot you can add agenda items to your meetings from slack. it’s easy to keep everyone in the loop by sharing meeting notes on a channel you can send important discussion items for your next meeting from right, slack meeting agenda app, slack workflow.

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