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it’s used for describing the functionality of a soap based web service. soapui uses wsdl files to generate test requests, assertions and mock services. soapui supports 1.1 version of the wsdl specification and corresponding bindings for soap versions 1.1 and 1.2. this article explains how to work with wsdl files in soapui. if you are looking for a wsdl example, or if you want to learn about the differences between wsdl and wadl, please see soap vs rest. in the example above, the wsdl file exposes two bindings: one for soap 1.1 (“currencyconvertersoap”) and one for soap 1.2 (“currencyconvertersoap12”). tip: soapui saves the wsdl file to a cache to avoid unnecessary network requests when you work with the project. besides endpoints specified in the wsdl file, you can add endpoints for the service.

if the service contains several wsdl files, each file is shown in a separate tab. refactoring updates your test to fit the updated definition. since the initial creation of wsdl and soap, a multitude of standards have been created and embodied in the web services domain, making it hard to agree on exactly how these standards should be used in a web service context. to make interoperability between different web service vendors easier, the web service interoperability organization (ws-i; has defined the ws-i basic profile – a set of rules mandating how the standards should be used. use it to check the conformance of a wsdl file and soap messages. this can be either client code that calls operations specified in a wsdl file, or stubs for implementing the service itself. soapui provides a graphical interface for most frameworks.

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