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gosh… i am supposed to sew something for the earth month this april, but i can’t wait to sew a family of the sock monkey, marcho. since not all socks are the same, i can’t make a standard pattern for you to trace. roll the monkey arm with your hands to make the stuffing even and nice. (note: i used this method since stuffing with poly-fill to a long narrow tail is difficult and uneven.) you may want to decorate the felt eye with a line of running stitch with 6 strands of embroidery floss before sewing it on the face. very talented indeed.. would you know of anyone i could get in contact with to make me one of the large sock monkeys? hi joanne, before i do another i want to thank you for this lovely pattern. i began when i learned of becoming a nana…now she is 2 and i want to make her a special sock monkey. the only thing i can think to do is tie a tight string around the neck to make the head look more separate from the shoulders but i don’t really like that idea. your project is brilliant and definitely the best instructions online for sock monkeys that i have found. 🙂 you are right, katasia, i sewed very slow and i lift up the presser foot when needed to make a good curve. at this moment, i don’t make it for sale yet but it could be a plan for the future. i make sock monkeys for kids in the hospital, and encourage others to do it too. thank you for sharing the tutorials and encourage other to make it ???? i love this tutorial!!! i got one of the pink break cancer awareness towels and would love to make one out of that. i did it after stuffing and sewing the mouth to the face but you can always do it before the attachment. which is the easiest to make and how long did it take you to make it?? you can massage the stuffed body to alter the shape a bit (like when you roll a flour dough) and see if it helps. i love the grey and orange socks you used, is there any chance if knowing where to get them ones? i am sure you will do better for the next few sewing. it is for a school next to a huge refuse tip in indonesia where the kids live on the tip. but, i love the way you do the tail. i would be happy to give you credit for the pattern and idea.

thank you for taking the time to do the tutorial! hi, i going to try making one of these but i was wondering if you knew of a sock lion tutorial or if the monkey could be modified to make a lion. i love the gray and yellow one you made in the tutorial. i would like to be able to enlarge the pattern to make a 4 to 4.5 ft sock monkey. thanks for sharing this is a very cute monkey, and i’d like to make some for my kids for christmas. 1. it is a straight stitch with normal tension and sew directly to the sock, no loose stitch and no picking out. use adult socks to make adult monkey and kid size socks to make a smaller one for the kid. thank you for sharing your gifts with us and for the free download. i am currently making a couple sock monkeys and was wondering how you manage to keep the bodies from looking lumpy from the poly-fill? i wanted to share a pic of the one i did using your method, just can’t add pics to the post. i absolutely love the look of this sock monkey and i’m going to try it out this weekend! how do i adjust the cutting to get one sock monkey out of each of the one socks so i can make two? i just used your tutorial to make my very first sock monkey as a gift for my boyfriend for christmas. thanks you so much, i just found your site and can’t wait to look around. i don’t have a sewing machine, and i’d like to make this sock monkey for someone. ♥ and i linked a new pair of socks (i just couldn’t find proper socks in the store so i have to order… *laughs*) are these better? hi i love the sock monkeys i have trouble with the tail though it seems to get stuck when i try and pull it through? my only worry is i won’t be able to make enough to satisfy the demand. thank you for your help hi helen, it is from a local shoe brand, i think the name is larrie. guess that it could be something to do with the tension, please adjust the tension and use a scrap sock to try before the actual sewing. these are absolutely the best-looking sock monkeys i have seen, and the tutorial is extremely clear and easy to follow! if no, please tell me which browser are you using so that i can inform my developer to look into it. i bought the “red soks” a while ago to make the monkey, but was a bit afraid even to start – your directions will help a lot!

– make your own marcho sock monkey by using this ultimate sewing pattern and tutorial. easy to sew make your own marcho sock monkey by using this ultimate sewing pattern and tutorial. easy to sew sock monkeys are something she has made and sold at craft fairs and little gift shops. i remember when she came , sock monkey clothes patterns for free, sock monkey clothes patterns for free, sock monkey pattern crochet, sock monkey kit, sock monkey puppet.

to make a sock monkey of your own, follow these steps. steps. printable pattern. a fun monkey craft to build a pair of red heel socks into a stuffed toy sock monkey doll. free sock monkey pattern amigurumi free sock monkey pattern from craft passion. amigurumi-monkey- free-pattern. sock monkey patterns , sock monkey face, sock monkey ideas, sock monkey ideas, old fashioned sock monkey pattern, sock monkey socks

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