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software release checklist template is a software release checklist sample that gives infomration on software release checklist design and format. when designing software release checklist example, it is important to consider software release checklist template style, design, color and theme. you might have a software product that is doing well in the market and generating good revenue. the following checklist is for creating a software deployment plan that organizations can use to ensure they are doing the right things. in many cases, the key to a successful product launch is having a pre-plan that factors all these elements. the goal is to produce and release a viable product – helpful, something that can be released within the specified time frame and meets end-user needs significantly. include a rollback strategy in your testing plan to account for the possibility of failed deployments.

software release checklist overview

having a plan in place ahead of time will help you revert to the previous version of the program more quickly and reduce downtime. in that case, it should be thoroughly tested to ensure it is usable and meets performance expectations. to ensure a successful release cycle, check if the support team is aware of any features that may confuse them. the key takeaway from this should be that the questions you should ask and the criteria you should use to judge each release are subjective. you don’t want to get through the entire project only to realize that you forgot to ask one of these questions.

we work for weeks to write clean code and to create code coverage. we think hard about how we can make our applications maintainable (using the ideas that santhi sridharan laid out in her article on developing maintainable software). and few things are as frustrating as finding out on release that the application that you lovingly labored to create is flawed or broken in some way. this checklist tries to strike the balance between having no formal process and the comprehensiveness of release it! answering the questions on this checklist can help your team achieve successful releases – plus, you might even smile while reading it or looking at our hand-drawn sketches (even if you hate off hours releases). we know this is not perfect for all use cases and that you might need to modify it for your team – but we hope it will help you as well.

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software release checklist guide

in order to help prevent your release from becoming its own house (or dumpster) fire, we have divided up this checklist into three sections: a lot of big enterprises require a more formal change control process. if you don’t have one, we would recommend getting one: otherwise, you may be stuck with a manual playbook and the huge headaches that come with it. there are times in which a release initially appears healthy, but then encounters problems later – this may especially be the case if it is associated with a database or a rest api change. these alarms alert us if we see unexpected behavior from our infrastructure, our code, and around critical transactions for our systems. if this was the case, sometimes we ask the appropriate users to reverify the release functionality and provide verbal/written confirmation of success. and hopefully, it will help you in getting your work deployed to your users.