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software upgrade checklist template is a software upgrade checklist sample that gives infomration on software upgrade checklist design and format. when designing software upgrade checklist example, it is important to consider software upgrade checklist template style, design, color and theme. the complexity, time, cost, and resources required to upgrade your software will depend on a variety of factors including whether your site has been customized—either via plugins, with changes to the core system, or by an integration with another system. besides the technical work involved in upgrading your system, effective change control will probably be the biggest challenge surrounding a software upgrade. based on your site review, do you need to re-develop customizations and integrations or upgrade bespoke plugins? do you also need (or want) to upgrade your theme/design or will it work on the upgraded version? what time, people, resources, and budget do you need to apply to the upgrade process?

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the best way to know if any issues will crop up during the upgrade is to try upgrading a copy of the live site. once the technical aspect of the upgrade has been completed and any issues resolved, it’s time to upgrade a copy of the live site to a staging or testing environment. leverage any documentation provided by the software supplier or your technology vendor and highlight the differences between versions to emphasize important changes in the new release. if your upgrade introduces a number of significant changes or you are timing the software upgrade with a re-release of the system, you will need to ensure your hosting setup will be able to cope with an increase in access and usage—if only for a short period of time. it is important to review the upgrade project in retrospect to identify what worked well and where improvements can be made for the next time an upgrade is required.

number 8860726. earlier this year, we decided to fix a few things around the house, including some loose bathroom tiles. it took two weeks for us to gather all of the details in order to make the decision that we would renovate the entire bathroom, as opposed to trying to patch a few things here and there. we start with a piece of software that is functional—it gets the job done—even if it has flaws that we all look past. we had no plan in place, and that meant we would sometimes have to wait for someone to become available to do the work. they look to fix one or two flaws and end up discovering more flaws, which leads to the need for additional work and resources, and before they knew what had happened, they had an unplanned, but major, upgrade in progress. here are the seven steps i recommend for anyone looking to upgrade any software.

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no matter where you are in the process, you have to be able to revert back to an earlier state. if you are making the effort to upgrade your systems, then take time to understand what new features might be available for you to use. for example, with the june 1 microsoft sql server 2016 release, i would advocate upgrading to sql server 2014 at a minimum. this is where it pays to have a lot of these checks automated either with scripts or third-party tools. you don’t want to hear your end users complaining about the new system being slow without any data to know what is happening. the question is do you use ethernet or infiniband?