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for example, consider the following class: to expose the properties and methods of this bean as attributes and operations of an mbean you simply configure an instance of the mbeanexporter class in your configuration file and pass in the bean as shown below: the pertinent bean definition from the above configuration snippet is the exporter bean. you can also ensure that a specific mbeanserver is used by setting the value of the mbeanexporter’s server property to the mbeanserver value returned by an mbeanserverfactorybean; for example: here an instance of mbeanserver is created by the mbeanserverfactorybean and is supplied to the mbeanexporter via the server property. it is possible to control the behavior of exactly what happens when an mbean is registered with an mbeanserver. here you can see that the jmxtestbean class is marked with the managedresource annotation and that this managedresource annotation is configured with a set of properties. if you configure the mbeanexporter with an instance of autodetectcapablembeaninfoassembler then it is allowed to “vote” on the inclusion of beans for exposure to jmx.

in this case, you can pass interfacebasedmbeaninfoassembler a properties instance via the interfacemappings property, where the key of each entry is the bean name and the value of each entry is a comma-separated list of interface names to use for that bean. in this configuration, the testbean bean will be given the objectname bean:name=testbean1 since this is the entry in the properties instance that has a key corresponding to the bean key. the mbeanproxyfactorybean can create a proxy to any mbean that is accessible via an mbeanserverconnection. this time, instead of configuring simply a notificationlistener for a single mbean, one configures notificationlistenerbean instances… a notificationlistenerbean encapsulates a notificationlistener and the objectname (or objectnames) that it is to be registered against in an mbeanserver. any bean that is going to be exported as an mbean via an mbeanexporter instance can implement the related notificationpublisheraware interface to gain access to a notificationpublisher instance.

this class is responsible for taking your spring beans and registering them with a jmx mbeanserver . for example the context:mbean-export element will register any annotation beans as jmx mbeans. the serverconnector bean will in this example, we’ll use: “:type=basic,name=game”. we’ll get the mbeanserver , spring jmx example mkyong, spring jmx example mkyong, spring-integration-jmx, spring jmx web console, kotlin jmx.

example. defining mbean attributes and operations. package com.logicbig. example; the following example demonstrates how one can manage object operation remotely via the jmx in the creatively named blog entry the jmx model mbean , i demonstrated with a simple example how , mbean client, jmx annotations, jmx annotations, jmx objectname example, jmx metrics example

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