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open a text editor and enter the code in the sample program exactly as shown or open the ex1a.sqr file from the tutorial directory. enter the appropriate sqr program command at the system command prompt (unix/linux or microsoft windows) or from within the graphical user interface (gui) of the sqr application, where available (microsoft windows only). if you are using the command line, use sqr (unix/linux) or sqrw (microsoft windows) to invoke sqr. enter sqr or sqrw, the sqr program name, and the connectivity string, all on one line, using this syntax: in a common configuration, you may be running sqr on microsoft windows against an oracle database that is located on another machine in the network. use this command format: if you correctly replace username, password, and servername with the appropriate information, you should have a command line like this:

general information. accessibility guide; applications user’s guide; getting started with peopletools. development creating and running a sample sqr program. this section discusses how to: create an sqr program. run an sqr instantiating templates (continued) // class template template class circle { public: circle(t r) t area() const { return pi * sqr(radius_); } t radius() const { return radius_; } private: t radius_; }; , peopletools sqr, peopletools sqr, sqr print report, online sqr editor.

then a new instance of the template will be generated, as in the following example: ;> template war class sqr { public: sqr (s c) { cout<<ā€œ\nā€<< ā€œ c=ā€< i(25); sqr template:sqr substituting this template produces one or more new substitution template calls, allowing recursive ,

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