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the style and layout is determined by which struts 2 theme is set for the tag. the struts 2 tags have a theme attribute you can use to specify which struts 2 theme should be used when creating the html for that tag. the theme attribute of the form tag is set to xhtml. change the theme attribute for the form tag back to xhtml.

in each folder is a file for each struts 2 tag. the checkboxlist.ftl theme that is part of the xhtml theme only includes a space between each label and the next checkbox (see checkboxlist.ftl in the template/simple folder in struts 2 core). in that folder is a checkboxlist.ftl, the contents of which i originally copied from the checkboxlist.ftl that is in the templates.xhtml folder from the struts 2 core jar. you can easily override the default theme used by struts 2 to control the appearance and layout of a struts 2 tag. by default the struts framework will look in the struts 2 core jar file for the theme folder and templates.

for example if you expand the template.xhtml folder you’ll see the select.ftl file. the struts 2 framework uses the these template files come zipped in struts2-core. these template files keep a pre-defined html layout for each tag. in this way, struts 2 framework generates final html markup code using sturts tags and associated templates. struts 2 tags + associated template file = final html markup code. a brief guide to creating a web application using the struts framework in netbeans ide. for example, you use , struts framework tutorial, struts framework tutorial, struts programming, struts-tags, struts example.

struts framework. • open source. html. – logic. – template. tag library need to be declared in the web.xml file. struts template tags. you can create struts template tags from the struts template tags drawer. these tags provide a full-featured, robust framework for assembling presentation pages from component parts. a template is a jsp page that includes parameterized content. struts is an open source framework that extends the java servlet api and employs a model, view, controller (mvc) , struts2 tags list, j2ee struts, j2ee struts, struts form validation, struts structure

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