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supervisor checklist template is a supervisor checklist sample that gives infomration on supervisor checklist design and format. when designing supervisor checklist example, it is important to consider supervisor checklist template style, design, color and theme. they can also be used to give feedback to the person running the activity to help them improve. you can also use the tools4dev supervision checklist template: it’s best to make separate checklists for different types of activities. if you only make one generic checklist for all your activities then the feedback is usually too generic to be useful. what are the main areas that you need to assess for the activity? the next step is to list specific behaviours for each area which you can observe. each behaviour should be something specific that the supervisor can observe directly. write the behaviour as a yes/no question where the “yes” answer is positive.

supervisor checklist format

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for example, “did they follow the agenda and keep time?” should be written as two separate questions, one about the agenda, and one about time keeping. the next step is to decide how many points will be given for each behaviour you have listed. for example, you might think that encouraging people to participate in the discussion is more important than whether the facilitator introduced themselves. make a table like the one below showing how many points are assigned to each behaviour. do this for each assessment area, and leave space for a total score at the bottom. so it’s important to leave space for comments. the following example shows how the points and comments can both provide useful feedback to the person implementing the activity.