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teacher checklist template is a teacher checklist sample that gives infomration on teacher checklist design and format. when designing teacher checklist example, it is important to consider teacher checklist template style, design, color and theme. one of the hardest things to know is what you can actually prepare for during the summer. these 10 things will help you get started! so decide what you want to focus on this year. one of the things you can prepare over the summer is planning out your routines and procedures. i have a whole guidebook that will walk you through planning out your routines & procedures. you can click here to sign up for the guidebook. it’s difficult to plan lessons over the summer, but you can print out your state standards.

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you can type out learning targets or “i can” statements for each standard, so you have those ready to go for the fall. decide if you’re going to diy your classroom decor or buy it. some of the things you can prepare: you should be collecting books and building your classroom library! then you can begin collecting baskets and bins. there’s so much amazing virtual pd out there and you can actually find a lot of low-cost or free ones. google sites is a great place to create one and it’s very easy to use. create a welcome letter and slideshow of information you want to share on meet the teacher night. start making a list of books and activities you want to use during the first week of school.

the new school year is rapidly approaching, so it’s time to get your classroom ready! here’s a totally doable 6-step classroom checklist, and some awesome products to get your learning space school-year ready and covid-safe! after the summer, and while it’s still empty, it’s time to give the room a good scrub down. while your school’s custodians have probably done a stellar job cleaning the floors and perhaps even wiping down the boards, it’s often up to teachers to do the nitty-gritty room cleaning. clean out your desk and cabinets, and wipe down bookshelves to get everything sparkling before you start unpacking and setting things up. think about how your students will move around the space, and how you can arrange desks, chairs, and tables, to create an effective learning environment. try arranging the classroom to avoid having students pass each other.

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introducing classroom procedures and expectations at the beginning of the year — and staying consistent — keeps students and teachers free to focus on learning. here are some ideas to get you started. when creating visuals for your space, consider the 3 cs: create a calming, clean, and comfortable environment for students. now that your classroom is laid out and you have your visuals done, it’s time to do your last-minute shopping and organizing! the school year is coming, and you’ve created a beautiful, functional, and safe environment for your students. remember to be flexible — nothing is ever perfect. for now, take a deep breath and look around your room. imagine your students in it — learning, laughing, and feeling loved.

soon, the butterflies in your stomach and shaking knees will be a thing of the past. our checklist for first-year teachers includes everything from setting up your first classroom to creating teacher friendships to the essentials for your first year of teaching. straight, orderly rows of desks may appeal to your “left brain” tendencies, but it may not always be the best option for optimal classroom management. enter the dimensions of your classroom and start placing classroom elements until everything is in its perfect place. take inventory of your books and fill in any gaps. separate your nonfiction and fiction titles into two designated areas of the library.

this tip is especially important when teaching your students the difference between fiction and nonfiction literature. here you can highlight the authors you’ll be discussing in your author studies, seasonal favorites, and your top picks. you’ll soon be working closely with other teachers in your grade or content area, but you have even more resources available to you. instead of feeling down, take inspiration where you can, and you’ll soon find a way to do things your own way. but in the professional world, you need to be a bit more guarded in what you share and how you respond to others. covering a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction topics written at a range of reading levels, this collection is an economical way to begin or expand your classroom library.