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tenant checklist template is a tenant checklist sample that gives infomration on tenant checklist design and format. when designing tenant checklist example, it is important to consider tenant checklist template style, design, color and theme. there’s more to getting new tenants into your rental than creating a lease, signing it and giving them the key. a move-in checklist provides a convenient and organized way for you to keep track of your rental property’s condition and check for damage beyond normal wear and tear. a checklist can hold tenants accountable for damage that occurs to the rental during the tenancy. the checklist can also be a tool tenants use to take inventory of what the landlord might need to repair or improve before or during the tenancy. you may want to attach another copy of the signed checklist to the lease agreement and file it away until it comes time for the tenant to move out.

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tip: it’s a good idea to specify in the lease agreement what the tenant is responsible for in order to keep the rental unit in good condition. our move-in checklist is organized with a separate section for each room within the rental property so you can easily walk through and inspect each item. you can also customize your floor plan to make sure each space in the rental gets included. stay organized during this busy time with zillow rental manager, the easiest way to manage your listing, handle tenant applications, and collect rent payments online. we are continuously working to improve the accessibility of our web experience for everyone, and we welcome feedback and accommodation requests. zillow (canada), inc. holds real estate brokerage licenses in multiple provinces.§ 442-h new york standard operating procedures§ new york fair housing noticetrec: information about brokerage services, consumer protection noticecalifornia dre #1522444contact zillow, inc. brokerage for listings in canada, the trademarks realtor®, realtors®, and the realtor® logo are controlled by the canadian real estate association (crea) and identify real estate professionals who are members of crea.

a move-in checklist is a form that landlords and tenants can use to document the condition and the contents of a rental property before a tenant moves in. landlords can track the condition of the rental over time and help keep the property in good condition. a move-out checklist is used to identify unapproved changes to the unit or property damage not considered normal wear and tear for the tenant to fix or cover the costs. these are details that landlords and tenants should be mindful of throughout the house or apartment. in addition to the general items, take note of the appliances included in the rental. verify that the water pressure is adequate and that there aren’t any leaks in the pipes.

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if the unit has a separate dining room check the condition of general items like the walls and floors. it’s also helpful to test the shower for adequate water pressure and make sure there are no signs of any leaking pipes. the easiest way to record the condition of your property is with an easy-to-follow key. that way, they’ll be aware before the move-in process that they are expected to complete the checklist and return it to you. you should also use the checklist to determine if repairs are necessary. through the platform, you can track repairs with in-app messaging, photos, and automatic maintenance records for any of your properties.

once you’ve found your next tenant, the next step is completing a new tenant checklist to ensure everything is handled correctly before handing over the keys. before handing over the keys to your rental property, have your tenants review and sign a legally-binding lease agreement. regardless of your chosen method, you’ll want to ensure the tenant submits the payment for all required fees before handing over the keys. if that’s not the case, you’ll want written confirmation on what day they plan to fully move out and provide them with a walk-through checklist to inspect the place for possible property damage. next, you should inform your new tenants on when they can officially move in and ask if they’ll need to rent out an elevator (if applicable) to move their belongings. new tenants need to set up utilities, know when to move in, and where to contact you in case of an emergency. it would help if you had tenants complete the move-out checklist and leave it on the countertop.

if you find on the checklist that something in the property is damaged that wasn’t when the tenant moved in, calculate how much the repairs will cost you. be sure to provide your previous tenants an itemized list and copy of receipts in a security deposit return letter if you deduct anything from their deposit. if you own the whole building, you’ll also want to confirm the building is up to code and includes necessities like fire extinguishers. these necessary steps protect your tenants and help you avoid liability if something goes wrong. this is a quick and easy way to make the unit presentable. after the new tenants move in, you should remind them to fill out and return the move-in checklist. once you’ve fully onboarded your tenant, you can use a platform like avail to help streamline the rental process in various ways.