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below are the minimum standards and recommended best practices for time and effort reporting. we realize that there are a number of different systems that can be used to satisfy these requirements and we encourage you to email your regional monitor with any questions you may have regarding time and effort reporting requirements. this dashboard maps statewide and county-by-county, the number of handle with care notices sent to schools as well as the rate per 1,000 students.

data reflected in this dashboard is collected from schools, law enforcement agencies and other public safety agencies participating in the handle with care initiative. it aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards all figures in the dashboard are interactive with one another, and once clicked on, will cross-filter with other measures. when a data point is selected, its color will be darker, and other data points will appear faded. this format allows for a deeper understanding of trends by the filter selected.

what is time and effort reporting? the salaries and wages of any employee charged to a federal grant must be. time and effort reporting. sample documents: time and effort reporting guidance monthly time and effort log ( xxx-xx-xxxxx-xxxxx. record the actual percentage of your total effort expended to each obligation listed. □staff □ , time and effort log, time and effort log, time and effort tracking, time and effort quotes, hrsa time and effort reporting.

documents. excel time sheet template that you may modify to suit your needs. the above standards are based on the academic affairs will receive their portion to cover the actual replacement costs for course release. any difference bwsr provides two direct time tracking system templates and two personnel activity reports (par) templates to assist ,

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