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to do list ipad template is a to do list ipad sample that gives infomration on to do list ipad design and format. when designing to do list ipad example, it is important to consider to do list ipad template style, design, color and theme. in addition to my years of tinkering with iphone to-do apps, i spent a week researching and testing dozens of top-rated to-do list apps for iphone to find the best of the best. for when you’re at your desk, you want to be sure the tasks you added to your phone are easily accessible everywhere—and vice versa. just tap the + icon in the bottom-right corner to add a new task, or press and hold to add using a voice note. to add a task, just hit the + icon. for example, i asked the app to create a filter for “all tasks that aren’t work related”; it automatically named the filter “non-work tasks” and created a shortcut (!#work).

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if you already use apple reminders (a to-do list app that’s native to iphones but didn’t make the list because it’s a bit too basic), microsoft to do can automatically two-way sync with any tasks you have there. it takes a little time to get your head around how to organize your lists and tasks in things, but once you’ve laid that groundwork, the app works really well. looking for a task that you can’t see in your list for the day? to add a task, open the relevant list on the home screen, and hit new to-do at the top. a nice customization touch is that you can add a cover image to the top of your lists. katie paterson is a freelance writer and digital marketer specializing in marketing, technology, recruitment, and business growth.

to find the best to-do list apps, we look for ones that are easy to use, offered on all major platforms, and have the tools you need to work productively. it is hands-down one of the best apps for managing the to-do list of any team or business. it prescribes a way to stay organized, and omnifocus is built and designed for people who follow that method. toodledo is a fantastic to-do list app that goes the extra mile. every to-do list app comes with tools and features for organizing your tasks and lists, and in an ideal world, these features match up with the way you think.

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as for collaboration, it’s always handy to have the option to share a to-do list, although not every app that made this list lets you collaborate (you can’t in omnifocus or things 3). another good free app is remember the milk, which scored a little too low to make it onto this list of the best to-do list apps. in contrast, asana, on the other hand, is better for managing more in-depth teamwork, the kind of work that passes through many hands and takes a lot of steps to complete. a top to-do list app can help you get organized and get more done, whether you want to manage personal tasks or those of a family or small team. is a leading authority on technology, delivering lab-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services.