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today’s to do list template is a today’s to do list sample that gives infomration on today’s to do list design and format. when designing today’s to do list example, it is important to consider today’s to do list template style, design, color and theme. do.list is a to-do app for personal tasking and outside of work, deadlines like”april 26th at 7:00pm” don’t work. organization is a huge part of do.list’s design. this area provides 30+ lists for life, including: groceries, pack lists, books to read, movies to see, and you can even add your own. you can get dancing stick figures after you complete a task, monday morning motivational quotes, and more. it’s not just a to do list, it’s your to do list. not everybody loves do.list, but a lot of people do! when you open do.list the home screen is “today”. every time you open the app you’re staring at what you need to focus on today.

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life lists weren’t just a random idea. non-urgent things like books to read and packing lists pile up making short lists into long lists. life lists provide amazing organization while empowering focus. if our work calendar says “10am meeting”, at 9:58am we head into the meeting. it’s time we start being honest with ourselves, scheduling our personal to dos to a specific date and time doesn’t work. it’s time you get realistic, try do.list, and focus on today. do.list hit 10,000 downloads per month in january and people seem to love it. they prioritize, they use life lists, and they don’t schedule tasks to deadlines they can’t keep.

i love being able to break my week into smaller day parts. the top priorities always make me feel so accomplished even if i don’t get all of the other tasks done. and they included a free birthday card! great overall presentation and quality. a coworker of mine had this pad and i decided to order my own because it’s great to work on task breakdowns for your to-do list and be able to identify priorities. i got this as a gift for my mom for christmas and she loves it! i also received a personalized note and a few freebies which was a very nice surprise!

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so glad i did. i received my quarterly planner yesterday and absolutely love it. it worked for me as a list maker but it sure wasn’t beautiful. i have always felt that there’s no reason daily tasks couldn’t be both beautiful and functional. your planner is everything it should be and it will be a smooth transition from what i am currently using to my new quarterly planner from ramona & ruth. i’ve even resorted to getting a blank notebook and drawing each page as i wanted it. thinking of trying the quarterly version next 🙂 we used this paper for a holiday photoshoot and it was perfect. really easy to wrap and good quality.