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turnover checklist template is a turnover checklist sample that gives infomration on turnover checklist design and format. when designing turnover checklist example, it is important to consider turnover checklist template style, design, color and theme. the second the tenant’s lease is up, you must be ready to go, with your clipboard and make ready checklist template printed out (or on a phone or tablet). the very first task is to inspect the apartment from a tenant’s point of view. this is also a good time to mention that you need to determine if you will charge your tenants for normal wear-and-tear or things out of their control. for anything more, you may need to do some minor (or major) painting, especially if you need to fix holes or dents in a wall with plaster or joint compound.

turnover checklist overview

if you’re using a property management software or inventory/appliance tracking system, you should keep track of the following details for every appliance in every unit: remember not to throw the appliances out right away! so after repairing or replacing all the appliances, the next step is to wash and scrub the whole apartment thoroughly. now that you are done with all the cleaning, there is just one step left before bringing in new residents. remember to make a copy of the keys for yourself as well. you may want to consider getting a smart lock that also has an option to use a physical key in case the lock doesn’t operate properly, they forget the code, the batteries die.

while the turnover process is time-consuming, creating a rental turnover checklist can help make the process smoother for you and your residents. since a new renter will be moving into the property, you must schedule maintenance tasks to take care of any wear and tear that occurred during the lease period. with dedicated property maintenance software, you can track all your turnovers and schedule tasks with vendors and maintenance technicians as soon as you know a unit will become vacant. make sure to use high-quality images and descriptions of the property. conduct a move-out inspection to make sure the resident didn’t leave any personal belongings, and they completed their move-out checklist (if applicable). once you have reviewed and signed the lease with your new resident, you should collect the first month’s rent.

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this is a walkthrough with you and your resident to identify any issues with the property. your free, printable, make-ready turnover checklist helps you manually keep track of the maintenance tasks to complete before your next resident moves in. it’s time to finally ditch the make-ready boards, save paper, and dump the spreadsheets. in addition to intelligent maintenance coordination, you can shift your turnover process into a web-based solution and place your company ahead of the market. you get a work order, and you get a work order! are you interested in taking the guesswork out of your turnover process and automating your work orders with a web-based platform? request a demo and one of our maintenance rockstars will arrange a customized demonstration of property meld.