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students, faculty, staff and alumni have embraced the message, and uf is becoming recognized as a university that is committed to finding solutions to challenges we all face. the top 10 announcement is a tremendous milestone and one that should be celebrated and promoted broadly, but this is just the beginning of our journey. as communicators, you know more… continue reading → did you know there are more official uf colors than orange and blue? continue reading → previously referred to a secondary signatures, secondary logos are the official marks for institutional segments such as colleges, departments, units, centers and institutes.

continue reading → photography is used to convey a sense of energy and warmth—whether it’s human personality or florida sunshine—to the viewer. people it’s people –… continue reading → tone words we’ve established a set of tone words that embody our unique selling proposition of “together, unstoppable”. continue reading → for your convenience, we have several additional agencies that are preapproved to provide marketing services. continue reading → we have a pool of pre-qualified firms with that the university of florida may contract for media planning and media purchasing including broadcast, print, outdoor and digital. to provide a consistent visual image, it is important that each… continue reading → the research promotion initiative award is on a brief hiatus.

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