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vendor offboarding checklist template is a vendor offboarding checklist sample that gives infomration on vendor offboarding checklist design and format. when designing vendor offboarding checklist example, it is important to consider vendor offboarding checklist template style, design, color and theme. vendor offboarding is the practice of removing a vendor’s access to systems, data and corporate infrastructure – and ensuring that other final actions are executed as stipulated in the contract. other vendors may interpret poor communications or contract fulfillment with a vendor as evidence that your company is difficult to work with. while due diligence in vendor sourcing and selection is an important activity, measuring and managing risk extends throughout the relationship with a vendor. the completeness and accuracy of a task list is subject to the expertise of everyone involved in the offboarding process.

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a final review with legal and procurement can identify scope creep and ensure that the vendor provided all the contractually obligated goods and services. work with your physical security teams to ensure that there is a clear process in place for managing physical vendor access. to reduce legal risk, clearly document the reasons for terminating the relationship and maintain a complete accounting of the termination procedures. download the ultimate third-party onboarding & offboarding checklist to understand the essential insights and tasks required to securely onboard and offboard vendors and suppliers.

one of your third-party vendor relationships is coming to a close. regardless of whether the agreement you had with the vendor naturally expired (i.e. vendors are often given varying levels of access to systems throughout the duration of their contract (i.e. this type of log should be referenced during the offboarding process to ensure all identified access points to your company’s information are terminated/revoked. the nature of the work a vendor performs for your company may require that they have on-site access to your offices and/or buildings. that the vendor no longer has on-site access and/or 3) updating internal systems related to building access.

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), a process should be in place to ensure all equipment/property is accounted for and returned. as with the other tips in this article, documentation is key! it’s imperative that, during the length of the vendor relationship, any contract deviations (specifically those that impact contract deliverables) are documented in writing. during the off-boarding process, it is vital to ensure that all vendor invoices have been settled. these types of systems come in all shapes and sizes (and with varying levels of functionality), but at their core is the ability to create a vendor profile (i.e. when a vendor relationship ends, it’s critical to ensure that the vendor’s profile is updated accordingly. vendor centric is a full-service vendor management consultancy that guides you along the way.

a good offboarding checklist enables you to quickly and efficiently handle the exit of suppliers that no longer meet your needs or requirements. creating a supplier offboarding checklist is a key part of this process and can help you keep track of tasks when it is time to part ways with a supplier. furthermore, having a well-defined offboarding process sets expectations with your entire team and eliminates ambiguity when it comes time to end the relationship with your suppliers. this helps to ensure that everyone is on board with the decision and is aware of their roles in the offboarding process.

as with onboarding, you should include items in your supplier offboarding checklist that ask for feedback from the vendor about their experience working with your company and what could have been different. it’s critical to communicate any changes or issues with the supplier in your offboarding process so nothing slips through the cracks. these tips will help ensure that your supplier offboarding process runs smoothly and efficiently—and that your suppliers can leave knowing everything has been taken care of properly. a supplier offboarding checklist is a must when managing the supplier offboarding process. with the right tools, like suppliergateway’s saas supplier management platform, you can rest assured that your supplier offboarding process is efficient, secure, and compliant.