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especially considering that one of the most challenging parts of an online event is to keep your attendees interested and engaged while sitting in front of their screens. this is where your agenda should reflect every point mentioned above, to give attendees the opportunity to engage throughout the event in different activities and make the most of the virtual platform. however, it is important to ensure that your agenda gets additional attention in order to see your best results..  to help our planners and organizers with the agenda planning process, here are five things to consider as you design the agenda for your virtual conference. when you define your goals and the experience you want to deliver, the result is the ideal information about the design and features of your virtual conference agenda.

instead of hosting a typical virtual conference that will continue over three consecutive eight-hour days, consider expanding your virtual conference to five days or even nine days where you only engage the attendees for a few hours on a daily basis. at the same time, never forget that even your speakers and presenters need time in order to prepare between sessions. with these considerations in mind, you will be perfectly ready to design an impactful virtual conference agenda. in this way, you will be able to share more live or simulive content. therefore, a greater need to plan and execute a virtual conference agenda, to get the best possible engagement and results, is a must.

a virtual conference is a great alternative, or companion for hybrid events, to an in-person conference. do you have the resources and the budget to pull off a virtual conference? all of these are questions to ask as you decide whether or not a virtual conference is right for your organization. it and digital, who normally have a much lighter lift at in-person events, will become your rock stars, making sure streaming, connectivity, and more are working for the length of the entire virtual conference. of course, a virtual event platform that does it all and integrates with your marketing tech stack and crm systems, from virtual conferencing to webinars, is always the best option.

don’t be afraid to cut the number of sessions for a virtual conference – where you might have more than a hundred sessions at an in-person conference, it’s not unusual to cut that down to 20 when going virtual. when planning networking for your virtual conference, there are three different types of connections to consider when building a community experience. a virtual trade show can be a great draw at a virtual conference but requires the right virtual event technology to pull off. capturing event data for your virtual events allows you to compare the virtual event’s performance with virtual events, as well as its in-person counterparts. as you rebuild your event programs and look to the future, take advantage of virtual events and experiences.

5 tips to develop your virtual conference agenda 1. think digital first 2. use add-ons that support your objectives 3. consider the timing of with appointment scheduling tools, sales can set up meetings with attendees before the event, taking a valuable spot on their agenda early. agenda for the sdms virtual conference. this travel-free, online-only learning experience that enables sonographers, sonography students, and physicians, virtual conference agenda template, virtual conference agenda template, virtual conference 2021, examples of virtual conferences, virtual conference planning checklist.

every successful conference starts with a meeting agenda. use this simple yet informative meeting agenda for your next team conference session. determine goals and objectives. when planning a virtual conference, it is important to start with the end in mind. design your meeting virtual events typically consist of an agenda with single or multiple-track attendee sitting in their home office attending a virtual conference., virtual conference themes 2021, virtual conferences 2022.

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