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whether for in-person or online meetings, however, note-taking has always remained an important part of the meeting experience. we either switch tabs back and forth between our note-taking app and the meeting software, or we use a physical notebook to take minutes and note other important discussions. this new feature allows you to focus more on the conversation and take quick notes during online meetings. all you need to do is just install notebook web clipper on your browser and do an online meeting.

you can use meeting notes to take notes quickly and save it your zoho notebook account. meeting notes are compatible only with these online meeting software: zoom, cisco webex, zoho meeting, and zoho showtime. visit here to install notebook web clipper for chrome, firefox, safari, and edge. if you wish to add an online meeting software to the support list, write to us at [email protected] or leave a comment here. send us an email to [email protected] for more information or visit /zoho.

step 3 select the note-taking option you want and click ok. cisco webex meetings server user guide release 2.0. 3. managing and taking notes. specifying note- check out my new video on how to automate note taking in your webex meetings. please feel to suggest any video ideas that would be helpful to the community . with annotation tools, you can take notes and share them with other attendees; others can also take notes in the same space., webex assistant, webex assistant, webex meeting minutes, how to use webex?, webex stock.

on the participants panel, right-click the participant, and then select change role to > note taker . a pencil indicator appears to the right of the participant’s name. as i user, i would like the ability to take private notes regarding matters discussed on a call within the system without sharing those notes with fireflies.ai notetaker joins your meeting as a participant at the start of your webex meeting to record, transcribe, and take notes. join/host online meetings from your browser using zoom, cisco webex, zoho meeting, or zoho showtime. you will see a floating notebook icon at, note-taking.

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