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being able to quickly adjust your database’s view in a single click is one of notion’s best features – you can switch a list, gallery, and kanban board to a calendar view in seconds. whether you’re tracking habits, mapping out your days, planning content, or even creating a travel itinerary – we’ve highlighted the best notion calendar templates for you to pick from for your workspace! plan your weeks and organize your month in this simple notion calendar template – allowing you to see your schedule at a glance! set a study schedule and plan your semester properly with this notion study calendar template! planning a trip can be stressful, but a notion travel planner calendar it easy when you can map out your travels days and organize your trip itinerary all in one place!

keep track of your finances in a calendar view with this simple notion template. this notion gtd template helps you focus on what needs to be done and gives you a calendar view so you know exactly what needs to be finished on any given date! use the calendar view to map out your social media content for each platform and stay consistent with your profiles! create a habit check list each day and mark them off as you complete each one and you can monitor your progress at the end of each month in a full calendar view! if you’re looking to keep your notion homepage simple and minimal, use a notion calendar widget so that you’re able to see the month at a glance without having a calendar take up the majority of your notion workspace. do you have any other calendar widgets for notion to recommend?

if you’re looking for a notion weekly template to help keep yourself organised and always on the ball so you don’t forget anything, these weekly templates are definitely for you. all these weekly templates are meant to act as a foundation that you can modify to how you like to work. there is also a section on “pre-populated recurring tasks” that’s there for the tasks that keep coming up week after week, and you don’t have to keep making them. this is a really nice weekly notion template that is good for the intermediate notion user and for those who want something a bit more aesthetically pleasing as well.

for those who are students and want something a bit more aesthetically pleasing, as well as more oriented around academics, the “aesthetic student dashboard” that you can find on gumroad is perfect. this is a template that can be customised to suit your needs and is extremely popular, so it is worth checking out and seeing what you think. then you have notion’s very own weekly template called the “weekly agenda”, which is a super simple template that you can utilise to organise your week, with a visual portrayal of all the different tasks that you need to do for the week. if you have other notion weekly templates that you think we should be featured in the list above, let us know in the comments section; we will be more than happy to take a look, and if it is good, we will make sure it gets featured above. this content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

use this template to plan and organize all the work you need to accomplish over the next week. visualize your most important to-do’s with an agenda that capture recipes and ideas for meals, schedule them on a weekly basis, and generate a grocery list. competitor analysis. our favorite take on an all-encompassing notion planner, this weekly agenda fuses your weekly tasks and milestones, and notes to match, with a, notion weekly planner template free, notion weekly planner template free, notion daily schedule template, notion schedule template, notion weekly planner template aesthetic.

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