Stock Register to Control Stock Inventory

Inventory management is essential for all business to improve their business efficiency and competitiveness. Stock register is to record the sales trend and stock availability and stock. Such documents that contribute to the accountability of your business is a stock register which records the goods that have been purchased as well as stored.

Risk Register in Project Management

Risk management is necessary in every project, and the precision to which it is developed and conducted greatly affects the outcome of the project itself. The best way to keep tabs on the risks facing, or that have already occurred in your project is through a project risk register.

Preparing Assest Register for Asset Management

An asset register refers to a statement of resources owned and controlled by a person or a business. In most cases, an asset register shows the cost, date of purchase, suppliers name and address, serial number, internal reference number, depreciation rate and method, nominal account numbers, insurance details, location of the asset, date of disposal, gains or losses on disposal as well as the departments that use the asset. Below are helpful tips on how to prepare an asset register.

Risk Register Development Steps

A risk Log, which is also referred to as risk register is a very important document that needs to be developed in the early stages of a risk management project. This document helps in filing and tracking risk management issues as they come along. It is important to note that all organizations face risks in their operations as they strive to achieve their corporate goals. Developing a risk register helps organizations to handle risk in the appropriate way.